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Ryan Cumming

About Ryan Cumming

Ryan P. Cumming, Ph.D., is Program Director for Hunger Education with ELCA World Hunger. He teaches courses on ethics, theology, and religious studies at Loyola University Chicago and Central Michigan University. His dissertation, The African American Challenge to Just War Theory, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2013. Ryan has presented his research on theology, ethics, and religious experiences to both scholarly and ecclesial audiences in the United States and Europe. In addition to serving on the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s criminal justice task force, Ryan has been active with the Lutheran Ethicists network and has been both interim editor and book review editor of the Journal of Lutheran Ethics. His primary area of interest is social ethics – including criminal justice, economic ethics, race and racism, social justice, and critical theological methodologies. Ryan is a member of the Society of Christian Ethics.