Symposium Ethics Podcast Episode 3


In the third episode of the Symposium Ethics Podcast, host Jermaine McDonald speaks with Dr. Robert P. Jones, CEO of the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) about the origins of the nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization. This conversation is part of the Alt-Ac series, a new feature on Symposium Ethics that will explore how some with PhDs in religious ethics are using their degrees outside of the academy.

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Show Notes

  1. The music for this podcast (“Without You,” “Deep Chill,” and “Concrete Jungle“) can be found at
  2. Quantitative research employs statistical, mathematical, and computational techniques to measure a particular phenomenon.
  3. Qualitative research gathers data and analyses it through a subjective, interpretive lens.

Jermaine M. McDonald

Dr. Jermaine M. McDonald is co-founder and editor of Symposium Ethics. He completed his PhD in Ethics and Society at Emory University in the Spring of 2015. Jermaine researches interesting convergences between race, religion, and politics with the aim of analyzing how various groups bring their religious ideas of the common good to bear in U.S. society.