Symposium Ethics Podcast Episode 2


In the second episode of the Symposium Ethics Podcast, host Jermaine McDonald speaks with Dr. Miguel De La Torre, Professor of Social Ethics and Latino/a Studies at Iliff School of Theology about his latest book, The Politics of Jesús: A Hispanic Political Theology.

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Publication Year: 2015

Show Notes

  1. The intro music is entitled “Without You” and can be found at Direct link here.
  2. The outro music is entitled “Down at the Salsa Club” and can be found at Direct link here.

Jermaine M. McDonald

Dr. Jermaine M. McDonald is co-founder and editor of Symposium Ethics. He completed his PhD in Ethics and Society at Emory University in the Spring of 2015. Jermaine researches interesting convergences between race, religion, and politics with the aim of analyzing how various groups bring their religious ideas of the common good to bear in U.S. society.